Pricing FAQ

Questions about Fees? Questions about how to pay? 



In order to better assist our clients we have several ways for clients to pay their account. It is our philosophy that the cost of legal services should not stand in the way of legal representation. If you are not sure if you can afford representation, let us know and we can help to work with you and your needs. 

Hiring a legal representative is expensive, so we do our best to ensure that clients are billed in a transparent way, and are up to date on what is happening in their matter. We value our clients business.

Available Billing Methods

Retainer Fee

Funds are held on behalf of the client in a trust account and billed upon as work is completed. The retainer may not only be to pay for the legal fees, but in addition other expenses such as photocopying, faxing, and filing fees called disbursements. At the end of your matter any unused funds are returned back to you. 

Payment Plan

We offer a no penalty and no interest payment plan for clients who may be financially unable to pay the retainer. Clients pay a negotiated amount once per month, which is then applied to their retainer. The funds are then used for paying the expenses associated with representation including legal fees and disbursements. At the end of your matter any unused funds are returned back to you. 

Un-bundled Service

Looking to represent yourself but want some advice on procedure, or rules or general strategy? We offer un-bundled service to allow clients to determine what services they need and want.

Flat Fee

A flat fee is where we charge one rate for the services that we provide. No hidden fees, no tacked on expenses. The rate in which you are quoted is the amount that you pay, inclusive of taxes and disbursements. 

Contingency (only AVAILABLE for wsib, and select small claims matters)

Contingency means that we take a percentage of the any judgement or settlement that you receive. You may be required to pay some costs out of pocket depending on the matter. 

Payment Methods Accepted

If you are paying a retainer we can only accept payments by way of Cash, Cheque or E-Transfer. Debit and Credit Payments will be availible in the following weeks. 


If you are paying for services already invoiced we are able to accept Cash, Cheque, E-Transfer or Major Credit Cards (Amex, Visa, and Mastercard).